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    President's Scholars Program Application

    The President’s Scholars Program (PSP) is a renewable, four-year, full-tuition scholarship that identifies outstanding first-year students who have the potential to be future leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and who are from backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented in STEM. 

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    Statement for PSP*
    Harvey Mudd’s impact on the world far surpasses our size. Part of this success is due to our commitment to creating a diverse community where the different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of our students lead to innovative solutions. How have your community and experiences shaped the impact you would like to make or the problems you would like to solve?

    Please limit your response to 500 words.

    Note: Scholarship applications are read alongside your first-year application and not separately. We strongly recommend that you do not reuse your other first-year application essays for this purpose.